traces of what I’ve been getting up to


Churning things up


This morning as I made my way between Putney & Hammersmith bridges I felt accompanied by the rat tat tat of builders as Bishops park renovations continue and a house on Holyport road had scaffolding erected.

Turning a corner onto Stevenage road, as sometimes happens, the smell of hops brewing was strong. The river carrying it on its merry way.


Building up the energy levels


Starting my working week off with a drained river, seems somehow appropriate. One of those half misty mornings where the dew is still waking up while people move around – some quickly and focused, some distracted or in the phone, others already on a break.


My view this morning, as I made my way across Putney Bridge, was not the peaceful flow of the river waking up, as I so often find it. Today the river was being churned up. In its wake the mud, flotsam and jetsam of urban life emerged.